Where will you be on Monday, April 8th?

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Where will you be on Monday, April 8th?

Indy is in the path of totality for what is being deemed one of the “largest mass travel events of our lifetime,” the Total Solar Eclipse. We’re anticipating more than 100,000 visitors to the city, over 100 credentialed national media and news crews, and we know most Indianapolis-area schools are closed on this day.

Many Indy businesses not normally open on Mondays have adjusted their hours to help welcome eclipse enthusiasts, including customized restaurant menus and large-scale viewing parties.

As a Downtown Indy community partner and business, here’s a guide to ensuring your Solar Eclipse experience is out-of-this-world.
  • Be Aware of Key Activation Zones for Viewing: We’re tracking over 50 eclipse viewing events and parties in the city. A complete roster of events can be found here. Downtown’s celebration footprint primarily focuses on White River State Park’s free Lunacy! Festival, where we anticipate tens of thousands of eclipse enthusiasts to blanket the Park’s greenspace with ideal views of the city skyline and eclipse in the southwest corner of the sky.
  • Consider Opportunities to View the Skies as a Team: Downtown businesses and employees are encouraged to enjoy this phenomenon together. Note that you’ll want a clear shot of the sky, particularly to the southwest, avoiding downtown skyscrapers that may prohibit view. Visit Indy has partnered with IU Indianapolis to offer up complimentary solar eclipse glasses to visitors and residents (until supplies last). If you’re seeking eclipse glasses for your organization, please complete the form here by Friday, March 29th. You’ll receive a confirmation email on next steps for pick-up at Downtown Indy’s offices.
  • Understand Safety Protocols: It’s imperative that anyone who looks at the sun during a solar eclipse, must have proper eyewear. Learn more here.
  • Pack Your Patience: In studying other cities who have been in the path of totality previously, we do anticipate an influx of cars on the road and people pulling over on the interstate to catch and follow the eclipse. Indy’s portion of the eclipse starts with a partial eclipse at 1:50 pm, totality beginning at 3:06 pm (lasting for 3 minutes and 46 seconds), and ends with a partial eclipse at 4:23 pm. To ensure seamless traffic flow, we’re encouraging viewers to find one spot to watch the eclipse, get there early, and make a day of it. We’re also encouraging viewers to stay beyond the solar eclipse to help ease the flow of traffic post-event.
  • Staff Accordingly: The estimated attendance for the solar eclipse is comparable to a Taylor Swift concert crowd or Gen Con’s annual gaming convention. And, it’s a Sunday/Monday night.

We cannot wait to have all eyes on Indy, once again. This city is no stranger to seamlessly hosting large-scale events and we are confident that our Downtown will shine as the perfect backdrop to this celestial event.


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