Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the association?

Anyone within the Indiana hospitality industry is welcome to join the association, this includes partners who provide products and services to the industry.

InRLA is the sole association representing and advocating for the hospitality industry in Indiana. Strengthen the voice of our industry by joining today.

Who all are members of the association?

You can view who are members of the association by checking out our membership directory. Click here to view the directory.

How much does membership cost?

Based on your membership type, your cost to join the association is determined.

Full-service, fine & casual dining, fast-casual or quick service restaurant is considered a Restaurant membership. Membership pricing is tiered based on total revenue with memberships beginning at $220 - $1,000.

Suite, luxury, boutique, bed & breakfast or extended stay hotel is considered a Hotel and Lodging membership. This membership fee is based on number of rooms in your hotel and if you are located in Marion County or not.

Service and product providers to those in the hospitality industry are considered Allied Partner membership which costs $500 annually.

Destination marketing organizations that service the hospitality industry in Indiana fall into the Convention and Visitors Bureau membership which costs $200 annually.

Click here to join the association.

Who is included in my membership?

All InRLA memberships are company-based. This means if you join, all employees and team members can receive benefits. Be sure to update your InRLA profile to add team members to ensure they receive our communications and more.

How do I network and meet other members?

Members are encouraged to join us at an upcoming event or join a committee to get involved!

What are the benefits of my membership?

As a member of InRLA, you gain access to exclusive industry updates, cost-saving partnerships from our preferred partners, discounts on ServSafe training, dual membership with our national affiliates, invites to member-only events and more.

Industry Updates: When you become a member, you can login to your profile to sign up you and your team to receive our communications which include our weekly newsletter, advocacy updates, event invites and more.

Cost-Savings Partnerships: Check out our list of Preferred Partners like Healthy Hospitality, BMI Music Licensing, Heartland Payment Systems and more to learn more about how to save money as an InRLA member.

ServSafe Training: InRLA members can receive up to 20% off ServSafe training which includes on-site classes with instruction, exams, study materials and more. Visit our ServSafe page to find classes and purchase materials.

Dual Membership: If you are a restaurant, your membership with InRLA includes membership with the National Restaurant Association (NRA). You can receive federal updates, access national partnerships as well as get 1 complimentary ticket to the NRA Show every spring.

If you are an independent hotel, your membership will include membership with the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA). You will receive timely federal updates, news, invites to industry events and more.

Member-Only Events: Join us at any of our annual events held throughout the year which includes, but not limited to, Hospitality Leadership Day, Annual Meeting, Golf Outing and Stars of the Industry.

How do I access my dual membership with the National Restaurant Association (NRA) or American Hotel and Lodging Association?

Restaurants: As an InRLA member, you receive dual membership with the National Restaurant Association. To access your national benefits, please visit their website to login. The login will be connected to the main contact on your InRLA account. Please note, our team sends updated membership lists to NRA on a quarterly basis. If you are new member looking to access these benefits ASAP, please contact us directly.

Hotels & Lodging: Depending on your property, you may receive dual membership via InRLA. Majority of major flag hotels (Hilton, Marriott, etc) are members via their national affiliate. If you are a local or boutique hotel within Indiana, you will receive dual membership via InRLA. To access these benefits,  please visit the AH&LA website.