Our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan

InRLA Mission


We will… 

  • Influence and Educate - Maintain a powerful presence to represent hospitality interests on local, state, and national issues.  
  • Political Action – Improve member awareness and support for the INRLA PAC, while leveraging the advocacy resources of NRA and AHLA. 
  • Member Engagement - Improve member awareness of the issues, positions, and achievements, engaging them in grassroots advocacy.  Provide channels of communication for members to alert INRLA of industry challenges.   


We will…

  • Knowledge Delivery – Expand educational offerings to hospitality organizations to meet training needs of the industry.  Continue providing ServSafe® education and supporting other credentials.  Provide opportunities for educational delivery by allied members.  
  • Educational Institutions - Nurture relationships with all hospitality educational programs throughout Indiana. 
  • Diversity - Engage hospitality stakeholders across all cultures to recognize and celebrate diversity.  


We will… 

  • Industry Participation - Provide superior events that engage the hospitality industry. 
  • Foundation - Use the foundation to develop innovative solutions for our members. 
  • Economic Impact – Improve awareness of the favorable economic impact of the hospitality industry in Indiana, i.e., an info-graphic promoting sales, taxes, jobs, etc. 
  • Workforce Impact – Promote the positive impact hospitality has on employment.  Be a part of the statewide efforts to address workforce challenges. 


We will… 

  • Governance and Management Teams - Ensure a balance of representation on the board of directors based on geography, diversity, and industries.   Maximize resources and relationship with management team.  Maintain a dedicated board, transitioning part of the directors to serve on a Strategic Hospitality Council.       
  • Financial Strength and Sustainability – Maintain the existing streams of revenue  while seeking new revenue sources.  Identify needs of the industry, turning them into monetized programs and services.  
  • Membership Growth - Establish INRLA as the superior first-choice resource for industry benefits, services, and solutions.