Expedite Your ERC Filing

Restaurant Cash Infusion is a Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association program that brings our restaurants and lodging operators the financial assistance they need right now.

Some of that assistance will come from a federal initiative called the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). You may qualify for up to $26,000 per W-2 employee.

This is like a grant for your business, and it doesn't need to be repaid. And you may be eligible even if you received a PPP.


The ERC is a federal tax incentive for small businesses—but the ERC filing process is complex, and your CPA may not be aware of the eligibility requirements.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Adesso Capital to serve up the Easy ERCTM. The tax experts at Adesso Capital will expedite your ERC filing with the IRS, handling all the paperwork and tracking the progress on your behalf.

The Adesso team has helped restaurants and lodging operators across the U.S. claim an average of $125,000 in ERC funds per filing.

Adesso can estimate how much ERC money you may qualify for with a ten-minute phone call

Visit the Restaurant Cash InfusionTM ERC Support Center to schedule a ten-minute call at your convenience. You’ll get a quick estimate of the amount of ERC money for which you qualify. And then you can put Adesso’s team of ERC experts to work on your filing.

There’s no need to wait for your ERC money while the IRS processes your filing. You can get an ERC advance loan from Adesso Capital, in which you borrow against your anticipated ERC funds. In as little as two days you can start putting that money to work for your business.

Expert, expedited tax filing…instant, responsive attention to your financing needs…this is the kind of VIP treatment Restaurant Cash InfusionTM delivers to INRLA members.

It’s just what you deserve—so don’t wait another minute to take advantage. Visit the Restaurant Cash InfusionTM ERC Support Center to get started today.